Misdemeanor Charges In Jackson, Mississippi

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Everyone makes mistakes. Too many drinks and a bad decision to drive, involvement with the wrong people, or any number of other circumstances may have landed you or someone you care about in serious trouble with the law. What matters now is the next decision you make. Please don't face felony or misdemeanor charges in the Jackson, Mississippi area, without a caring, experienced lawyer on your side.

I am Cody Gibson, a dedicated attorney who will hear you out, look at all the angles on your case, and work hard to protect your record and your future. I have helped many people avoid the worst consequences of various criminal charges. You can turn to me for focused, affordable and effective representation, beginning with a free consultation.

DUI Defense · Drug Crime Defense · Skilled Representation On Other Charges

In my practice, I take an aggressive yet practical approach to criminal matters. You won't get false hope or empty promises. You can count on my all-out effort to help you make informed decisions and earn an acquittal, dismissal or manageable consequences if you are accused of:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or another alcohol-related offense
  • Illegal drug possession, sale or intent to distribute, often involving cocaine, marijuana or prescription drugs such as OxyContin or other painkillers
  • Domestic violence or misdemeanor or felony assault
  • A financial or white collar crime such as food stamp fraud, check fraud or embezzlement
  • Virtually any other offense that could carry penalties including serious fines, jail time and forfeiture of your gun rights and other constitutional rights

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In this pivotal time, you need a lawyer you can talk to and trust to put your interests first. If you have been wrongfully accused or your rights were violated, I will focus on proving exactly that. If pleading guilty and negotiating for manageable consequences is the best path, I will know what matters to you and target the best outcome possible. Please contact me now for the legal help you need.