Rankin County Probate Lawyer

When a loved one passes away, family members must deal with many practical and financial matters in a time of grief. While the probate process is fairly straightforward for an attorney who understands the requirements and court proceedings from prior experience, it can be overwhelming for anyone trying to manage it without knowledgeable counsel.

What Is Probate? What Steps Are Required In Our Specific Case?

Essentially, probate is the legal process required to formally transfer the assets of a deceased person and settle all claims to the estate. Probate is not always required when someone dies in Mississippi, but determining whether it is and how to proceed calls for advice from an attorney in nearly every case. I can help you deal with all legal obligations in this difficult time, beginning with a free consultation.

As a probate attorney serving Madison County, Hinds County, Rankin County and all surrounding communities, I will analyze all relevant documents and explain specifically what needs to be done to settle your loved one's estate. My focus will be on easing your burden and navigating the legal processes as promptly and affordably as possible while protecting your personal interests. I am available to assist you by:

  • Handling all filings and other required steps whether the decedent had a will or passed away without one ("intestate")
  • Providing consistent follow-up and communication throughout the process to monitor and address claims against the estate or other concerns
  • Counsel and represent you as you carry out your duties as an executor, trustee or personal representative — in either a basic or more complex estate matter
  • Advise you on your options and pursue negotiations or litigations if you believe estate documents are not valid or you suspect wrongdoing by someone for financial gain

Turn To A Caring, Efficient Jackson Estate Administration Lawyer

When you contact Gibson & Mullennix, PLLC, you can count on compassionate personal service and my determination to handle your estate law needs as affordably as possible. Please call me at 601-407-9190 or reach out to me online anytime.