Family Law

Family Law Practice | Jackson Divorce Attorney Representing Hinds County, Rankin County, Warren County, And Madison County

Cody W. Gibson, a Family Law Attorney, in Jackson, Mississippi, represents clients across South Central Mississippi with legal issues involving your family, your children, and your rights.

 • Divorce. We help clients to resolve central financial and child-related issues of a divorce through a number of avenues including but not limited to negotiated settlements and in-court litigation. We handle all types of divorces whether it is an Irreconcible Differences Divorce or a Divorce based on Fault grounds.

Child custody, visitation and child support. Provide ethical, aggressive, and effective assistance for clients regarding the physical and legal custody of minor children.

Determinations of paternity. We provide the service of filing paternity actions for mothers and fathers so that they may legally establish paternity of their children, and with it, establish rights and obligations toward them.

Adoptions. We aid in helping stepparents, grandparents, relatives and others with an interest in the welfare of children to complete the process of legal adoption.

Modifications of child support and visitation. If circumstances have changed adverse to the child, we can help clients secure modifications of orders for child support and visitation based on these material changes.

Contempt. When the opposing party does not follow a Court Order we assist in enforcing those orders through the contempt process.

Annulment. We assist clients in securing annulments of marriage due to impotency, mental illness, bigamy, incest or other recognized grounds.